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English Speaking Course Slang, Idioms, Pronunciation by Steve McDonald


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26 Ноя 2015
Название: English Speaking Course: Slang, Idioms, Pronunciation
Автор: Steve McDonald
Издательство: Udemy
Год: 2018
Формат: mp4
Продолжительность: 2h 49m
Размер: 266,9 mb
Язык: English

Welcome to the American English Slang, Idioms and Pronunciation Course.
Americans can be really hard to understand.
We talk fast.
We use a lot of slang.
We smash several words together making new words.
We only pronounce parts of many of the words we use.
This course is designed to teach you the most common slang and idioms that American English speakers use every day. It is also designed to help you to pronounce words without an accent or to reduce your native accent.
The course uses everyday example conversations that are just like what Americans say to each other at work, at school and at home.
This course is perfect for intermediate and advanced English students who are struggling to recognize American accents or to understand Americans when they speak in slang...and Americans use a LOT of slang, don't we?
This course can also benefit a beginning student. You probably won't understand a lot of the words and sentences that I'm using, but you'll learn important sounds and pronunciation and you'll get a lot of practice listening to American English. Listening and practice are the two most important things you need to do to learn English faster.
От себя: курс понравился, дядька все хорошо объесняте. Курс полностью на английском.

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